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Our Story

I went to hang out in Atlanta for a weekend back in February.  I ran into a young lady that was attending a pop up shop there that weekend.  She asked my friend and I if we wanted to look at or purchase any of the clothes that she had left over from the pop up shop she attended before she headed back to Florida. I politely went to take a look at the items she had for sale.  As i was looking at her items, I noticed that there were a bunch of items/outfits in that large black bag that I would wear or that I had already purchased from boutiques around Fayetteville and Charlotte for $30 or more!!  That's when the idea popped into my head!  I immediately told her that I wanted to purchase the entire bag of clothing, swimwear, hats, etc... I gave her an offer for everything and she accepted.  I knew right then that I would START MY OWN lil boutique. So Bougie Boutique52021came to life and was on the rise.. (52021 is the month and year I actually received my first shipment of clothing.)  

Now here I am today still standing and stepping on necks, with Unique and different everyday wear, you will love!!!  CHAMPION APPROVED..... okurrr

I also knew I could now give back to my community, family and friends, by providing great quality, stretchy, unique, affordable, everyday wear they would love....!!

I model all of my clothing daily... when you see me OH IM BOUGIE! Bougie, meaning Ive been shopping at BOUGIE BOUTIQUE 52021

Great affordable attire in ALL SIZES!!!!

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